About me

Actually, I've always been impressed by the flair of the south, a little sea breeze, a long sandy beach, the sound of the surf breaking in the rocks or the colours of the seasons and the miracles of nature in general. In January 2010 my wife, Uschi, and I decided to escape the European winter cold and to travel short hand to the south. We made up our minds quit fast, where to go to and booked a week in El Quesir,Egypt, where we also started to take our first diving courses. Completely under the spell of the magnificent colors and diversity of the local marine life I decided to dedicate myself also to underwater photography. And so, when I was doing my Padi AOWD course at Sv. Marina, Croatia, i started with my first attempts to capture the local flora and fauna above as well as below sea level. So well here i am now, and hope to be able to reach a lot of people, not only to let them participate and enjoy the beauty but maybe I can also help even a little and move people to rethink on protection and conservation of biodiversity on our planet.